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Regional Delivery of Municipal Services

As our workforce ages, equipment costs rise, and operational concerns mount, local governments must look at ways to continue to provide essential services while not breaking the backs of taxpayers.

Although there are concerns about a loss of control and oversight, many communities are considering exploring regional service delivery.  The good news is, local governments can have it all – safe, efficient municipal services with local control.  KMS can chart a course to allow your municipality to maintain local control while harnessing the power and cost efficiencies that are inherent in sharing services.

Keystone Municipal Services doesn’t just provide nice shiny reports, we partner with local governmental agencies to plan for the future and implement the plan for success today.      

We help identify and access numerous financial resources that are available and provide ‘out of the box’ solutions that fit your unique situation. 

We will not only identify practical solutions, we will help you implement them. 

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