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Interim Municipal Management 

One of the cornerstone services of Keystone Municipal Solutions is providing local governments skilled and experienced managers to help during a transition.  Whether you are facing a planned retirement or an unexpected vacancy, the absence in a township or borough manager position can leave a gaping hole in municipal operations.  We understand the needs during a leadership change, and we can help bring immediate calm and clarity to the situation.

Keystone Municipal Solutions offers short- and long-term managers and administrative staff to meet the unique needs of your municipality in every situation.  With decades of experience, our team understands the complexities of the internal operations and external pressures that make local government unique.

Whether a long time manager is retiring, left for a new position, or your board is looking to move in a different direction, Keystone Municipal Solutions is able to work closely with your team to identify the most effective method to move your municipality forward.

In addition to stepping into the breach to keep your municipality running, we can help draft the manager job posting, job description, and guide the selection process.  We can also offer resources once your new manager is onboard to ensure a smooth transition. 

Count on us to help guide your board, staff, and community through leadership transition.  Our experienced advisory team has served in transitions and management roles in townships, boroughs, cities, and authorities.  Keystone Municipal Solutions can bring to bear unique resources with personal experience.

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