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I Always Wanted to Work There

Well, who would have thought that local government would ever have a problem filling positions? I can recall the days when getting a job for a township or borough was quite an accomplishment. Typically, it would be a long-lasting relationship with the only movement being transfers within the same municipality or, at worst, a move to another neighboring municipality. Nowadays, we see billboards advertising for positions and multiple listings on job search platforms seeking help. The real competition for talent isn’t between municipalities anymore. Now, you’re competing with private sector employers who are paying top dollar to attract some of the same workers.

In previous years, you weren’t likely to see your local municipality working the crowd to fill vacant positions at a job fair. However, the dynamic has changed, as finding interested candidates has become increasingly more difficult. Nowadays, it's about making the long dollar and obtaining significant benefits. Not that it isn't possible in local government, but you typically have to work your way up to start seeing those returns on your career investment. Private sector companies are increasingly making high-dollar offers with bonuses and benefits. That’s difficult for taxpayer-funded municipalities to match.

Still, there are those that are driven to public service and see the personal value in a career that helps to maintain and build a community. As with any career field, there are those that understand the problems both sides have in dealing with existing and potential openings for employees. As an elected official, do you have the expertise to properly advertise for a vacancy, vet the potential candidates and send the very best options to the board for a final decision? In some cases, time is of the essence. What do you do when your current manager has given notice, and you now have just weeks to fill that vital position?

Where do you advertise, and what key phrases should you use in the ad to attract the attention of the best candidates? Are your salary and benefit options in line with others in similar capacities? Do you have time to research 20 resumes and contact initial interviews prior to making suggestions for a future interview with candidates? The bottom line is that in today’s hyper-competitive market for qualified talent, you need to stand apart from the crowd. And to do that, you really should seek help from the pros who do this successfully day in and day out.

Keystone Municipal Solutions has already become the go-to place for recruitment and interim services for municipalities looking to fill critical positions. The KMS team has the experience and wherewithal to get the word out to the right people via good advertising and word of mouth amongst industry professionals throughout the Commonwealth. We get the job filled and work with you to get operations back to normal.

A simple email or phone call is all it takes to put the wheels in motion. Perhaps you are looking to make a change and are worried about how to make it happen as seamlessly as possible. KMS has done that and been there. Contentious situations, we’ve got you covered. Our no-nonsense approach makes the process easy and offers you a better chance at filling your positions with quality candidates quickly and efficiently. We key into what exactly the community needs and seek out candidates of like mind to make it happen. In fact, one might think that KMS stands for the "Key to Management Selection." So let us "fire this thing up" and get the ball rolling for you. Maybe KMS should stand for the key to management selection! I'll let the boss know.


About the Author

David L. Anthony is a member of the Keystone Municipal Solutions team of experts. He is a veteran of municipal government, having served more than 32 years in various positions of public service. Contact him at To learn more about David and the Keystone Municipal Solutions team, click here.

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