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Planning for Municipal Manager Succession: Key Employee Turnover Trends and What They Mean for You

Why municipal officials at all levels are leaving long-time posts, what’s lost when they depart, and what municipalities can do now to prepare.

The current American labor market is unlike anything we have seen before — workers are more mobile than ever, leaving employers scrambling to not only find qualified candidates but meet their growing cultural and financial compensation expectations. McNees Wallace & Nurick’s Adam Santucci, chair of the Public Finance & Government Services Group and president of Keystone Municipal Solutions, delves into factors contributing to the sharp increase of workers leaving the labor market, what issues that causes for authorities, and how local governments can prepare for the hiring process.

Key ideas Adam covers include:

  • Nationwide and local trends leading to employment shortage.

  • The War for Talent, or employers’ search for competent, qualified individuals at each level of the organization chart.

  • The impact on municipalities of experienced workers leaving the workforce — namely, the lack of clear successors and loss of institutional knowledge.

  • What municipalities should consider as they head into the replacement process, including what benefits candidates are requesting.

The Keystone Municipal Solutions team can help your municipality develop and implement a succession strategy, plan for hiring top talent and consult with human resources, in addition to offering other dynamic services. You can also connect with Adam on LinkedIn or contact him directly at

This is the first entry in a three-part series from McNees Wallace & Nurick LLC with its subsidiary Keystone Municipal Solutions about best practices for municipal manager succession planning. The next post in this series, from David Anthony about key strategies to smooth the transition process, will be published Monday, Nov. 22, 2021.

As chair of the McNees Public Finance and Government Services Practice Group and a member of the Labor & Employment Group, Adam collaborates at the highest level with businesses, non-profits and government entities to provide creative solutions that solve difficult problems arising in today’s workplace.

He has extensive experience representing government entities with respect to labor and employment issues, and develops effective strategies to solve problems including collective bargaining and grievance and interest arbitration. Adam recently successfully defended wage payment claims in state court; discrimination and harassment claims before the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission as well as in federal court; whistleblower claims; and contract interpretation and discharge grievance arbitrations.

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