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Time For an Upgrade

With the winter season now in your rearview mirror, you have undoubtedly calculated the savings you experienced from very mild snow events. The salt pile is still substantial, antiskid is well stocked, and the trucks didn't get beat up too hard, keeping the roads cleared. Now let's reflect on the savings you garnered with the reduced overtime and fuel costs. These items and other factors should show some extra funds that the municipality can use for other purposes. But, of course, good management will always look for the preeminent way to recommend the best utilization of this uncommitted currency.

An investment in the municipality's long-term health is often overlooked as funding is always a factor. Unfortunately, many are lackadaisical in a long-term commitment until they are in a predicament and must make spur-of-the-moment decisions to get the local government back on track. So many Townships and Boroughs are on the brink of financial distress and desperately need a clear path to right the ship. Perhaps you may not be even close to this situation; make the time right now to give that serious consideration. That doesn't mean that the future will remain bright. You have no control over the forthcoming health of the municipality once your tenure is done. But you can leave a clear map of how your replacements can continue the positive management you've worked so hard to establish, a great legacy for which to be remembered.

With some extra money to devote from the mild winter, you should contact Keystone Municipal Services about how you can lay out a long-term operational and financial plan that will guide your local government for years to come. We all know that Supervisors and Councilmembers change on a regular basis and often do not remain in office long enough to think about a long-range plan. Therefore, it is really up to management to think outside of the box and introduce techniques that will serve as a road map to success.

Imagine having a playbook that provides a guide to future leaders that postulates a clear direction for the ongoing operation. An investment now will reap big rewards for years to come. KMS stands ready to pilot you through the process. We have years of experience in this technique and feel confident that our methods have been utilized by many other municipalities and are fine-tuned to offer outstanding results.

Let us help you achieve a goal that will affect the future of your local government in a positive manner. You can buy shiny new toys for the municipality, or you can "fire this thing up" and invest in something that will genuinely enrich the operations for years to come.


About the Author

David L. Anthony is a member of the Keystone Municipal Solutions team of experts. He is a veteran of municipal government, having served more than 33 years in various positions of public service. Contact him at To learn more about David and the Keystone Municipal Solutions team, click here.

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