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Planning for Municipal Manager Succession: 10 Considerations to Make Before Rehiring

There are several considerations municipalities or authorities should make before beginning the process to replace a manager, Keystone Municipal Solutions’ David Anthony explains. On the list is whether an internal candidate might fit the role’s criteria best, what budget and timeline constraints exist, whether to include the outgoing manager in the hiring process and what the necessary skills are for a new recruit to be successful.

Key ideas David covers include:

  • Knowing when a municipality manager will be leaving the post, whether for a new role or retirement.

  • Creating a timeline that explores how long the office can function without a manager in place, including any open projects and deadlines.

  • Why it is a good idea to include the outgoing manager in the transition process.

  • How to adjust expectations to align with the current labor market.

  • Whether a municipality should consider appointing an interim manager.

The Keystone Municipal Solutions team can help your municipality develop and implement a succession strategy, plan for hiring top talent and consult with human resources, in addition to offering other dynamic services. For more information on ways they can support your municipality, visit You can also connect with David on LinkedIn or contact him directly at

This is the second entry in a three-part series from McNees Wallace & Nurick LLC with its subsidiary Keystone Municipal Solutions about best practices for municipal manager succession planning. The next post in this series, from Brooke Queenan about best practices to fill vacancies, will be published Monday, Nov. 29, 2021. You can find the first post, about important labor market trends, here.

David leverages his 32 years of experience in various positions of public service to assist municipalities create a high quality of life for the residents they serve. He is knowledgeable about multi-level government services, including administrative management, oversight of sewer and water operations, public works and improvements, and provides guidance to elected officials.

As a highly visible public servant, David has maintained an extraordinary level of integrity and transparency in his work. He has managed multimillion-dollar improvements to critical infrastructure that required attention to detail and a “get it done” attitude. And he has experience in grant writing, municipal compliance reports, financial oversight, emergency planning, and heavy equipment operations.

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